Our introduction

We consist of the four departments as below.
Each department has better contact with the others to improve working efficiency.

Sales department

Sales department is the window to the customers in Japan and overseas. We manufacturing almost all the product as OEM. We better contact with the other department to supply our products which fulfill customer’s requirements.

We have business trip to the customers in overseas, and in Japan. In my job, I’m very glad to hear our customer say “Thank you”. The eye glasses are not a industrial product, but an art work. I will supply our products, keeping the philosophy in my mind.

Planning, Development and Preproduction department

We commercialize acetylcellulose glasses frame successfully as a pioneer. To create the design complete in every detail, we are challenging for technology development. With other departments, we sometimes hold meeting to sharing information.

We make the prototypes based on the customer’s drawings. Before the mass production
Starts, we arrange jigs and tooling, and issue the internal specifications. I feel very happy when I see the first mass production product is completed.

Production department

All the processes, cutting the material, polishing, putting lens, inspection , packing, and shipping are consistently carried in Japan headquarters. Production department take charge of this production process with the intensive quality control.

Because of the less number of the assembly parts, manufacturing glasses frames seems to be easily than the other manufacturing products. I have worked in this company for 18 years, and I think there is always more to learn to produce glasses frames. The design changes every season. And the higher quality required year by year. We can develop our skills by fulfill customer’s requests.

General affairs department

We do clerical work and try to maintain a vigorous atmosphere.

In our company, the General affairs department is widely incharge of accounting, labor and personnel affairs, and business administration. I always concern that if the employees work harmoniously. If employees work in good condition, the better products can be made. I’m handling wide range of the business, utilizing my previous experience.