Our passion

In a mechanized industry, our finishing processes are
done by craftsman’s hand. We know the craftsmanship makes the best quality.
The perfectly shape fit our face comfortably, as if it is custom-made. It is only made by skilled craftsmen.

In our production line, there are many manufacturing process.
There are two main types of the process.
One is done by machine with high efficiency and good quality.
Another process, such as the final inspection, is done by craftsmen.
The fully automated production line is highly efficient.
But it is difficult to keep the high quality.
We chose to adopt good parts from both, the machine and the craftsmen.
And produce the excellent quality glass frames efficiently.

Even now, some production processes are done by the craftsmen.
And it is said that the quality is depend mainly on the accumulated sensibility of the craftsmen.
We do not adopt machines for all of the process.
Making streamlining efforts without degrading quality is not easy.
But we try to do this, because our customers admire our quality, and these customers and us are in good business partners for many years.
Many skilled craftsmen belonged to our factory for many years.
None of the latest sophisticated machinery can compared their strict watch, and high quality.
We continue finishing our products with craftsmen’s hands with an attention to detail.